May 06, 2008

Be seeing you

The UK is the most surveilled country on the planet, we even beat totalitarian shit holes like China and North Korea for CCTV coverage. Woo, yay us (not). So what has Airstrip One the UK gained from this level of constant surveillance? Bugger all. The police don't go through them to catch crooks, because it is too much work and they are generally too low quality to get a conviction anyway. The crooks know this so they aren't worried about the cameras at all. The general public on the other hand do have reasons to be worried. The cameras might not have good enough quality for the courts, but they are fine for a bored CCTV operator to spy on you in order to get his rocks off and getting shipped strait off to the states for their anti-sanityterrorist databases. Once there that data is never going to be removed and will simply add to the ever growing levels of noise to disguise any possible real threats. Like the no fly lists which ban even Sky Marshalls from flying and cannot get their names taken off of.


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